Another Idiot

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As you may know by now, someone in Bagram burned the Quran.

But as I was sitting in my cold bunker discussing the situation the former idiot friend fired back and said:

“That’s not true. They found pieces of the Quran in the garbage, they didn’t burn it. Pfff (add 10000 more attitude)! That’s why General Allen issued a public apology in the news,”she said in the most annoying screech possible.

Honestly, this lanky idiot is always ready to pounce when ill informed. It’s funny how all security companies actually state that it was burned, but because she is in the know everyone else is wrong.

In addition to that, she was sleeping in her room while everyone else is calling to advise her to run to the bunker. We had to walk from the office to bang on her door to wake madame up so she could shield herself. She didn’t even thank me, she thanked my escort who lives nowhere near our compound.

This is only the beginning of working with an absolute idiot.

Gunfire stopped and calm has been restored but for how long no one knows.

We live right in back of that burning police post.

Our afghan driver was panicking thinking that our compound was shooting at the masses. They were friendly shots to disperse the mob. Apparently, they have now moved to the Le Baron Hotel and Abby Gate.

Stay safe.

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