Head Office Woes

Fat Man Director

Head Office Woes

While we were under attack, our Security Officer was inactive.

Yes, it’s true he had just been here on a visit, and left this morning before the protest started. But I have a sneaky suspicion that after yesterdays events bitterness was still dripping from the side of his awful mouth. He pulled a tantrum because 1) my boss had the audacity to take a call while he was giving a safety meeting (that was created by three other people from our station and where he takes full credit now) 2) because two staff member did not show up to his 8 am shit show.

The man has the personality of a door knob. Never in my life have I come across such a cheerless character. I thought he was an alcoholic as he had the classic symptoms, puffy enlarged nose, red cheeks and he slurs instead of enunciating . He barely moves his lips, I guess talking bores him to death. He fits the perfect stereotype of the ugly old man who marries a Thai or Philipino women because female from his own race would not put up with his bullshit.Yes, money buys you everything, even-dare I say it-love.

Anyways, douche du jour was so adamant about the relevance of his importance and security measure he put in place (ha), but he didn’t have the decency to call or inquire about the situation of today’s events.

I am amazed by the amount of incompetent low lives who try to justify their positions because they earn the big bucks.

You have to understand something, no one in Afghanistan agrees with the policies of our head office who is based somewhere in the sun where they have week ends off and eat caviar on a daily basis.

The minute there is a crisis they are nowhere to be seen. A year of this is mind boggling.

Why didn’t you call us douche bag. Why?

Whatever we don’t need you, you need us to maintain your salary chrétin! Plus, to me your just a fat man eating a burger.

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