Idiots Part 2


Well I have to apologize, for my former statement it was not a looser red neck who burned the Quran, but some service men. The actual reason was not in spite the Islamic religion or a hate crime, but for sheer protection.

This dramatic event originates from one of the detainee compound in Bagram, where national prisoners where passing  information through the Quran. The books where taken as they were becoming a security issue and orders where given to destroy them.

However, they were not burnt in back of a secure office where none of the locals would find the ashes (duh), but in the main burning pit where everyone has access. Of course, when some afghans found out they alerted the world without having all the facts. And really why should they?

It makes sense when the info is actually treatening and lives are at stakes.

Unfortunately, because some showed their negligence, because it was discovered  a mob was created to retaliate. But there are other reasons for the Afghans outrage.  Apparently, some civilians home are being destroyed for no reason….I don’t know the full details but I will find out.

Big fuck up if you ask me.

2 for me 0 for the idiot

See the scars left on this armored vehicle for those stuck in the middle of the protest and lucky enough to come out of it alive.

Apparently, the belligerents had bricks and where throwing massive pieces of rocks.

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