Got in a massive argument with our very own village idiot yesterday. Yes, I know I use that word often and other adjectives can be appropriate but it fits.

You must know that he is a misogynistic, Arian, Apartheid giraffe (although not from South Africa he is white African).

Nothing about this man is arousing. Nothing. I wish I could show you his face, it is as attractive as a venereal disease. Pig. But this is an advert of his mind. You are a fist fucking douche. Repressed into an abyss of 1883 ”The Story Of an African Farm” you are a true Tant Sannie in character and lack of charm with a dash of Bonaparte.

You hate gays, yet we all know you are one but you despise yourself so much for your repressed desires that it makes you an exasperating meddlesome insecure character who would rather invade and spit out the most offensive unnecessary insidious comments about everyone instead of examining yourself.

You are a giraffe with its elongated neck always on the look out for information on affairs that have nothing to do with you or your department, just to back stab random individuals.
Be gone 666 back to your abyss.

There is a reason for my fury. I don’t dislike just because I can’t handle personalities, but it’s been a year of me holding myself back and now I am ready to explode.

My gift to you an explanation of your mind, behavior and personality.



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