Mr. Muscles Perspective

Quran Rage, Today

I had a brief discussion with Mr. Muscles  today. He had a different perspective than Hashish on the whole protesting situation.

He did not go out to protest as he believes it is pointless. ”Why go up and down the streets to destroy our own country, resolve nothing and go back home exhausted? At the end of the day we are destroying our own country. They burned all the shops selling American products in Bagram, but that is revenue for local people that we have lost.”

He also declared, ”the Americans are in a position to help us economically. The day Afghanistan can stand on its own two feet is the day (if we have issues with them) to fight, but not before.”

Mr. Muscles went to the  Salat al juma and witnessed his Mullah ordering the crowds to protest or self-improvise a Jihad against Americans.

His friend stood up and said, ”Mullah, I have two AK-47 I will go as you requested and fight the Americans. I will go to Bagram and fight them directly, if I give you the second one will you come with me? Will you go and fight for Islam?”

The Mullah surprised retorted,” No, I only tell you what to do I don’t do it.” Hence the reason they went home.



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