Fat Man


I have already expressed my views on a member of our head office which felt woe and anger over an unattended meeting.

Now, to my utter surprise I have learned that he has not letting this  go. Pride can create the most unnecessary egotistical scars.

He is on a mission to ax my boss and I because 1- he had his phone on during Fat Man’s  safety meeting and  2- I did not attend.  He called the president of the company and named us as douches and dispensable.

Really. We are under attack on a daily basis. Unorganized militia is stopping armored cars and smashing windows. This country is on fire. It’s a shit fest out here and you are the safety officer, you never call, you never inquire on the situation, but you are upset because you feel scorned.

This is why corporations should never hire and give the position of Directors to individuals with special needs and the nearly dead. That’s you Fat Man.

Isn’t it time for you to buy a coffin and roll over? Really. I see a Grim Reaper right next to you.


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