Anonymity is a fickle thing, especially when one works in Afghanistan.

I always wanted to blog about this freak show and after entering this country a few times I decided I’d offer a foreigners perspective not solely destined towards warfare. There is a complex social life here, party scene, prohibition, drugs, orgies, swinger parties, bestiality (they do love their goats)  that one can’t understand unless you live here or are exposed to it within certain circles.

I learned yesterday cocaine was here, easily accessible and excellent. I thought people improvised with Adderall, and poppy was king. I mean you see an R.N. Nurse crushing pills and snorting in a room right next to the anti-narcotics team, you think ”shit I don’t want to get caught in the mix and get fired, but man this party is good.” If only they knew. This place is contrary to anything you’ve ever known and it took me years to want to share because I felt it was too hard to explain, especially if you haven’t witnessed this society.

I have other reasons for anonymity, for one I am in this country and I will surely criticize the local nationals, their culture, ways of life and mostly religion. It’s not a good idea to be known here  as the villain against their Pashtun ideology or Islam. I say Pashtun because they are the ruling ethnic group here, creator of the Talibans and as you know they are hardcore. Most men scare me, but the women are not to be messed with. It’s probably because they have to deal with such hard men, so they become extra tough themselves. They will beat the crap out of you if you disagree or are in their way.  But not all tribes have the same aggressive streak  or as war driven as the Pashtun . There are some very peaceful humans not interested in the affairs of the Talibans and all others.

I am not raising my importance but that is a certain risk that cannot be played with.

Of course I do not want to reveal myself to my-coworkers and other military factions. I also have to protect the people I know. Even if this turns out to be the biggest bitch fest in the world. Some of my blogs will be educating, but only some.

I’d rather make fun of people, because quite frankly a year in this animal farm has made me believe that I might be the one on crazy pills. Plus it’s my forte.

So, i’d love to tell you who I am but no I cannot and most of you have met me before once, through an acquaintance or for a very long time.

If you do…Shhhhh!

It’s Thursday. The day to get drunk and shit faced. My favorite evening.




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