Dick Being a Dick

Dicks Chasing Chicks

Dick never answered my ‘why’ question, but I did see him the next evening at a bar where he acted oh so nonchalant.

I asked him why he sent me a picture on Facebook of that Gallo wine. Apparently, it was proof that he was really the owner of a 2009 bottle.

O.k. I though, ”maybe his mind is not controlled by his phallus maybe I”m wrong. Maybe he’s just friendly.” Pffff, not a chance.

This was a social environment where he was quite friendly with our whole crew. I mean if he is not chasing you he is  quite a good time. However, receiveing messages like tonight are annoying.

Come and have a drink in my office.

Who’s there?

All kinds of names I don’t know except one.

I was writing my previous blog, hence I said I couldn’t meet him just now but I wasn’t opposed to it. I mean free drinks, you’d be stupid not too (yes I’d sell my soul for alcohol remember where I live). Judge me all you want you don’t live here.

Big Mistake.

He kept harrasing my ass with messages of hope. When are you coming? Come now! Where are you. Best one:


He’s getting creative.

He finally called and I said, ” No, I am not coming over I am tired.” He hung up on me. I texted back it was not very nice to hang up in my face.

He called me 5 times in a row. I didn’t answer.  I take partial responsibility for his actions, I shouldn’t encourage him, but it is a good story. Plus, shame on you for trying to sleep with me when I was sleeping with your “friend.” Remember.

He is not worst than Dick & Abs. Now, wait til I tell you his story.

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