Divorce This Night

Cancerous Whores, The Year, Today

I was lazy tonight and went to our local party scene which is pretty lame. I don’t really like going there as it’s not my type of crowd. It’s all kinda security companies, Cops but mostly meat heads and the ration of women to men is very low thus bar brawls often happen at the end of the night.

Even when they are not intoxicated some are hot heads. I remember being in Kandahar (it’s a dry camp no liquor) and I was told the story of the weaponless Dutch Military on KAF (Kandahar Airfield). The Dutch had this amazing bar where they served fake beer (urgh), but the ambiance was to die for. If you didn’t get there early enough on the party night (can’t remember what day it was) the MP’s ( Military Police) wouldn’t let you in, because it could get jam packed and that was considered a fire hazard. Anyways, it was one of those crazy nights where everyone is euphoric and most found their own secret stash of alcohol. Apparently, two soldiers got in a brawl over the same women -she was probably dating both….we all did 20 000 men for 300 women, yes we all did. Anyways, the fight ended when one of them pulled his gun and shot his rival. He died.  This is the reason why they couldn’t carry weapons in KAF.

Anyways, I went to the bar tonight and it was packed but it was same old same old crowd of the inhabitants on my campus, where men chase women and will try to get laid at any cost. Dick & Abs was there, whore had a new shirt and the same old technics. Brown hair down (he has it in a pony tail all week but on Thursday’s), standing by the bar, sullen look drink in hand branded with his usual flip flops. Calculating all women and their weaknesses, ready to pounce. I can’t believe I fell for that. He looks like a Californian surfer. He does have nice hair, I’ll give him that. But now he’s just a body I used to know and don’t care about. He knows he’s not allowed to have direct eye contact with me. I treat him like a stranger, wait til I tell you our brief story you’ll see the amount of doucherie I had to endure because of this va-nu-pied. Literally he hates wearing shoes.

Aside from that the quality of men was meek, none of them had potential. I drank a glass of wine, danced a little because cardio is good for your health and left…after two hours. It was still boring, but it was a social outing.

I also saw my nemesis-Sideshow Bob. After a year I’ve racked up a few enemies and she is my greatest adversary in our social worlds. She threatened to have me handcuffed and thrown in jail. Not just any, but the detention center where foreigners along with Afghans get tortured.  She has so many connections out there and she is a high profile something. Bitch, but I am getting a head of my story.  All I can divulge for now is that she is fun alright, especially after 3 sips of whatever drink she has. That’s all it takes to watch the schyzo show.

Again, not my crowd I prefer being surrounded by artists, photographers, reporters, hipsters, hippies and all who are non-military related and constantly watch Alizée music video. This singer is a star in Afghanistan she is on every men’s laptop or projectors at parties. Creepy. She is more famous than the Call On Me music video.

Machismo. More so than the Afghans at times.


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