Daft For Sure


Although this is the name of the company I work for, I will involve the whole world who is funding Afghanistan.

As new graduates are struggling to pay their debts in America, Europe, and the Middle East and striking against Wall Street or governments who only self-provide to their Minsters and Generals, organisations such as GPPT fund training centers for the Afghan Police. Precisely, 645 million Euros and that is just one department.

Imagine were the rest of the money goes. German police train new recruits and never see them again. They don’t even stay in the force. It’s just money wasted in the Middle Ages. Afghans do not want to be help with 2012 ideologies, they can’t catch up as they are still in 1391 according to their calendar and we are confusing them with our own century. They are not there yet, so we plunder our own economy bring it into deficit for people who don’t understand what we are trying to achieve. They see cash, not growth. This is why my friend Coolio is wrong. Don’t comment, I am supposed to be anonymous.

You know who this millions are transferred to: Atta. Google him! Governor of the north. I think he might be the next president here. He gained power because of the international community.

Our countries are stupid and allowing some to laugh themselves all the way to the bank.

Are you starving students? Yes you! Residents of the west….

I’m not. I am a war profiteer just like everyone else here.

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