Access, Access, Acess


I was told that my Laissez-Passer A-38 blog had too many military terms ”galore” and it was confusing (it frankly needs to be re-edited), but in the meantime here is a chart of the work structure in Afghanistan.

If you can’t understand it don’t worry as no one does here. It’s a shit fest anyways. My point is that no matter where you work you need a badge to access a UN compound, a guest house, an Embassy, a ministries office, the civilian airport, military airport, a whore house (oh yes), sometimes even hotels. Access, access, access is one of the task I’ve been assigned and quite frankly I hate it. It is a bullshit, least rewarding, non-productive and most ungrateful job of all.

You have to work with village idiots who barely finished high school and are power tripping because they can grant or deny access to you or your employees. It’s as though they are dangling a fishing pole to which is attached a plastic card, where I have to jump to try and grab it. They will keep dangling it just because it’s entertaining until they find another target and decide they are tired of playing with you. I say, ”recite your ABC’s before you reject my people’s entrance. Come on. Do it! O.k. Then basic mathematics? 1+1= ?. I thought so, abruti!”

In addition, this chart shows you the different factions in Afghanistan. None of them particularly like each other but somehow they have to work together.

Military is the funniest as none of them have any directions as to why they are here, most of them don’t understand their governments choice to deploy them here.

Visualize Chaos

Discourse is important, hence I have enclosed someone from the outside (way out-the far west to precise) looking into this blog.

The Inquisitive Interest of NNL 

Treehuggers [from the verb ‘treehugging’] is catchy moniker- slang that classifies! Sort of like the way we refer to women as ‘chicks’ in the vivid female empowerment motif, ““chicks before dicks.” What an obscure visual the word provokes, one reminiscent of: “Go hug that tree, you hippy.” In this context, the visual is all the more scornful when we think of desert climate, war torn Afghanistan as being filled with many trees to caress… right?

Aside from its catchiness, the pejorative nature of Beige Burka’s group nomenclature has its effects. It is significant to maintain that it should not entirely be viewed with negative connotation. When we contextualize the imagery though, it sure seems silly and harmless but it operates to undermine collective altruism. It is a contemptuous word associated with activists who sought to defend natural environments from the destruction of corporate and economic interest; basically the ideology that led to our modern day political relationship with Environmentalism.

The usage Beige Burka suggests though interestingly is that the environment goes beyond trees, recycling, or our modern day boyfriend Environmentalism. It suggests that environmentalism needs at its infrastructure, stable and unified community. Treehugging does not merely act as hugging trees, but is seen as an extension of affection and sympathy to another living thing, which needs to start in a community. Seeing it from this angle implies that environmentalism is a natural progression in social harmony and creates a parallel with the war efforts being made by (not all but most of) the treehugging triad to the efforts being made by lobbyist and reformers to move towards green institutional practices. Perhaps we should look at treehugging as ideological as well as a job. Treehugger is a more polyvalent term and speaks to a morale or point of view. The single-minded profiteer’s interest in using the land to establish its own corral of economic investment and growth creating an environment of disharmony then works antagonistically to the organization involved in the establishment of stability. They could use a little treehugging in their attitude. Though Beige Burka’s description of the people as stuck in an epoch far before our own which has been verified to various degrees by varying anthropological and sociological observations, it doesn’t help that content workers in the second and third groups do not think that it is possible to engage in the treehugging mentality so their jobs can take on ethical considerations. Is this something we can only strive to bring to ourselves?

Harmony and sympathy are values that extend beyond culture and speak to a human necessity for collective growth. Though the fact is that we cannot create complete harmony anywhere, we can bring the tenets of sympathy up against those who wish to subjugate and dictate, and empower those who have suffered under the weight of these actions. This should be important and perhaps we won’t achieve the same communal ideals in the West but if the people there working under the status of ‘stabilization’ are divided as to whether or not stability is possible, how can we then say we are doing the best we can. After all hope is necessary to overcoming strife and incessant violence. Perhaps there should be more effort on the other two parties part, Beige Burka’s included, to prioritize and put hope into those treehuggers who undoubtedly recognize the difficulty they face but must fight for more than a paycheck at the end of the week. Come on, you know you want too.

But that’s just my say.
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