Litany Against Pain


A morbidly obese woman has been sitting on my chest while savoring her sixth bag of Miss Vickie’s,

It’s been months since she’s been crushing my lungs


The lack of air is painful, but not as much as being drowned under a pile of rotting flesh

The stench on my inanimate body… Is it me?


I’ve been lying in a cage surrounded by clowns, exotic animals, sword eaters, fire throwers, acrobats, musicians, and the ringmaster

Ringmaster ddrr!

He lets them parade and circle the phenomenon in a devil dance where demons sing

The fire, the vivid shades of red and yellow while they rush around us

The crowd’s eyes are darkened by the spectacle

Am I on crazy pills? Is it possible circus freaks have surpassed important issues?

I don’t care anymore about dignity and revenge.  I just need company. Include me.

I was going to tell a story, but now I am using evidence


Sense of decay

Sense of mortality

I write without fear of being vain.


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