Hat Party

The Year

I was invited to join this epic party. They managed to create an excellent party ambiance on their lawn you would have never thought you were outside. Their villa is pretty sweet. Yes, if you are not in a compound you live in a villa– sometimes a mansion.

Food, music,  free alcohol and intellectual conversations. It was great. Unfortunately, I did not receive the invite which described the necessity to be dressed up with a traditional hat from the region. The bigger the better.

Hat party. I wanted to steal it. It's awesome although hats such as these can be found in any market. The Afghans always boast they have artifacts dating from the time of Alexander the Great. Lies. True, but you can't buy them in a shop.

If you saw his face you'd recognize him. He is a famous journalist for a successful news channel.

Fun times in front of an antiquity

Antique Camera. I tried to ask him how old it was but I couldn't convert year 1234 to an equivalent of our century. I am messing with you I don't know.

Sure confiscate my Smirnoff but drink all you want. Can you see the snow in the corner?

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