The Baroness

Cancerous Whores

Look all your admirers are here to lend you their dicks. Make no mistake you will never be a queen.

A self entitled skinny grown woman with a teenager attitude and body who refuses to grow up and join adulthood, was once a very close friend of mine.

She encouraged me to apply for this position in Afghanistan and I did because of her convincing self-interested nature. I found out weeks ago, she didn’t really want me there because of my skills and professionalism but rather because my competition was someone she despised (teen spirit). Her back thought was since she knew me she could control me.

You would think a femme fatale with affaible beauty; with the power of any comedian, vivacious, no culture, and knowledge of other tongues would have the genius to get out of trouble and remain loved by her many admirers and co-workers.

Everywhere she walks she is the center of attraction for men of low quality. Like most versatile players, she convinces all that married affairs are fair, but only for her. Others beware judgment comes with a stare.

Least elegant is when she pleads, cry and complains to whoever is in sight a propos her numerous rejections from males who refuses to leave their legal counterparts, blaming the whole world for her tragedy.

Does adventurer mix with closed mindedness? Yes, when you are a Baroness. Entitled to all and self-granting forgiveness, common humans bow to her as an indispensable character.

At work it gets better. Letters and emails are proof of a disturbing sensation left after working a year with a frenzied mediocre human. Deceived for more than two decades now, I understand how her trickery has affected multitudes. She tries to persuade all of her sanity, but poor old Jezebel Martyr you have made too many mistakes to save grace.

No more will we bow to your obsessions, excess, ocd tendencies as we have unmasked the madwoman that you are. All have deserted you because you acted out life in a series of roles that do not exist.

Liar, liar you where never a Baroness! You are only a girl with feet being dragged rundown Huggs, flailing your arms about like a raggedy doll, with Medusa hair swinging from side to side. No grace, no class, so crass.

It’s been more than a year and I should inform you of my utter disgust for the Baroness.

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