Good Old Jezebel

Cancerous Whores, The Year, Today

I am so glad Martyr is getting drilled right now late in the evening well after 10pm. I was not aware her royal skinniness could last that long and go more than one go.

But with who?

I have a hunch…Anyways, he takes deep breaths while entering her, sounds like he’s out of shape. Our beds are back to back so there is a lot of rebound on my side. She ain’t as quiet as she likes to pretend. Well, well, well I guess sex isn’t as icky when you are the one doing it.

Jezebel is twisted.  If the topic of sex, semen, erotic moments, sleeping with prostitutes, threesomes, or anal sex she becomes squeamish acts as if she is a saint and is royally disgusted by anyone else’s sexual acts. However, she has no problem discussing he prowess on a constant basis and divulging that so and so ‘’fucks like a caveman.’’ The worst part is that she dates cavemen’s, who come up with lines such as ”shut your effer or else I’m gonna punch you in your baby maker!’’

What the hell is that?

I mean, when my lover was here apparently I was noisy (although I am loud) and Miss Madame couldn’t take it. She told everybody at work, passers-by, passengers, random nobody’s and our contractors of my lovemaking. She was rude to Polo (the lover), wouldn’t talk to him.

Oh, they are going at it a third time.

How is she no breaking in half? He is a titan and she has the size of a pencil. How she’s still alive I don’t know.

When I was having sex, she had a fit and screamed I had no consideration for my neighbours as I was noisy, loud and I could at least have sex before 10pm. ‘‘I have a busy schedule and have to wake up early in the morning! My schedule is not like yours Beige Burka.’’  Again, our beds are wall to wall, so both our head boards are connected together. The architect who designed our building is an idiot, why would you want to sleep with a stranger right next to your head

She’s had sex previously with other men, again married and attached men. I have to emphasise because her way of life cannot be criticized, but others who are involved in their love intrigues are immoral.

Now, they are snoring in bliss.  I just burped some vomit.

I never cared, I told her I didn’t have time to think about her while I was having sex and no I’m not going to schedule it around her time table. Funny, when she was dating one of her several Jason’s, not a complaint came out of my mouth at the amount of noise she made and I never discussed her personal life to anyone.

Not anymore. I sent BBM’s to all our co-workers about her ebas amoureux.  My boss said: ‘’who is the unlucky guy?’’ Another ‘’poor guy!!!,’’ and the last one told her ‘’to keep the noise down.’’ No one likes her at work as she is too disruptive and we put up with her because she will harass all with the most insignificant issues.  I am not as evil as you think. Hey, at Christmas my co-worker bought me a drum at her suggestion. I laughed thought it was funny, I got it everyone knew I was a screamer. I even endure the snarky remarks of our contractors- the South African bible worshipers appalled by my lack of decency. These poor Puritans can barely imagine sex in the missionary position, as I bet you they cringe with one eye opened while stroking their crosses under their pillows in repentance. Seriously, all a bunch of Aunt Sanni’s. Pathetic.

Guess what's coming in.

I bought her stress relief bath soap from Body works and ear plugs. She was furious and extremely insulted. Polo, had begged me not to do it as he believed she’d be upset. I thought she’d laugh. I was wrong. A flaccid penis in her ear would have been better. Ha.

You’ll soon find out why we all want to repeat history and commit a corporate defenestration against Jezebel.

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