Faizabad Kidnapping


Yesterday we launched and emergency charter for the British Embassy in conjunction with a military tasking, to help retrieve kidnapped aid workers.

I hope they are returned safe and sound to their families. Faizabad is relatively safe, nothing ever happens in that area except agricultural life. I hear the German Police is supposed to pull out because peacekeeping is not necessary.

These events reminded me of a story a friend of mine told me once. His best friend was a pilot at the time who had recently been engaged with his girlfriend of a few years. They where both working in Kabul, he was flying around the country she was a doctor working traveling to village to offer home care. I think she worked with Doctors Without Borders, because I remember a story I heard from the military in 2004, where this organisation was extremely angry against NATO for coming in Afghanistan after some of their staff had been killed by Talibans. They were upset (and within their rights) as they had been there during the Taliban rule and never had any security issues.

Anyways, she was going up north to a remote area where Afghan had little access to healthcare. They had decided to end their contracts and go back home in two or three weeks times to live their lives. The details escape me, but the medical staff  who went up north got kidnapped and where found dead in a shed. Shot in back of the head. So Afghan! Always in the back.

Needless to say he was devastated.

I hope that is not their fate.




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