Le Jardins de Tamaini


A quiet Friday afternoon at the French restaurant Le Jardins de Taimani ( called after the street where it is located), reflects the tranquility one can experience in city. It took the owner elephant years to give birth to the best restaurant in Kabul, as the obtention of permits mixed with the incredible amounts of bribes requested by different individuals can create a lengthy process in getting anything done in this town.

Expensive and notorious for it’s small portions it is an eccentric expat gathering where lots are scenes to be seen.

Mostly, it’s clean modern atmosphere feels like home somewhere in the west, where you can purchase bread with a side of carpet or jewelry from local artisans.

Jennifer was singing that day and to my great surprise she has a marvelous voice.

What you can expect inside:

Expats enjoying life in a gated community. Same old, same old party crowd.











Go Jennifer!

First time as a solo artist.





What you can expect outside:

I was looking for our taxi driver for 10 minutes and since I am highly impatient I called the taxi company who tracked him down. It so happens he was right in front of me and had been in a brawl with an old man who tried to stab his hand.
I don’t know why, but can’t believe I didn’t notice anything.

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