Job Search

The Year

I had just graduated from University, but still working as a cloak room attendee (in a crummy bar)  mostly paid in tips; and I say mostly because it was a fight to get a few pennies from these cheap bastards. The music was mostly calypso, reggae top 40’s and zouk. Everything I never listened to, hence the reason I spent most of my time trying to block this noise and ignored everything around me so I didn’t realize my phone was ringing. Plus, I had no means of getting a smart phone.  I didn’t know I had received an email.

Poor student syndrome was surrounding me and this cold January month didn’t help. But I had a plan. I had already purchased my ticket via Expedia to Bangkok and my next leg to Hong Kong with Air Asia. I was obsessed by their fashion and fast lifestyle. I was going to find a job in Fashion this time, for sure. I swore I’d never go back to North America until I was successful, fucked properly and with a new network of fabulous friends equally interested in the superficial matters of eccentric wear. But I didn’t go, I went somewhere else instead.

I guess the capital letters really got me hooked.


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