Daft For Sure


It was always supposed to be a joke, a way of not revealing the identity of this douche company, but today it appears or it persists to be true.

I have quit working for these behemuts-Sadam Hussain and Khadafi spawns-raping colonizers- hand shaking devil slave owners-corrupted money laundering crooks-genocide loving holocaust denying pedophiles, yet they are still proving to be daft and very much in my life.

These douches have not paid me the entitled 66 days of work, which all companies must abide in the Emirates (they are a Dubai based company) and after several unreturned emails, the HR Manager who only received that title by giving head to the President (another incompetent prick),well to get ahead, which you can understand doesn’t require the greatest skill set and zero intelligence has decided to call my family with fake intentions and claiming that they (she) where trying to reach me. At 2 a.m. Really.

I’ve been emailing you for a month inquiring about the above and you leave your name and telephone number to them instead of responding to the four emails I’ve sent you?

Daft For Sure.

Some people are afraid of the paper trail…