No Rest ‘Til Pay Day


Ah, Kabul! I miss you sometimes but everyone has left like the last summer wind that carried an everything flu straight down to the loo.

Yet, you still call me back. The lady who was in my position has recently made everyone aware that she would quit. Interesting…she only lasted eight months. I heard that they worked her like a donkey, beating her when she needed rest during her ascension to a mountain of work.

No one cared to listen to her heaving exhaustion towards the company’s misguided direction and operations. She’s returning to her old company (recruitment agency for airline crew) which she previously thought was worse than any pedophile rapist. Is there anything worse than a pedophile or a rapist? Yes, there is and she met them after working closely with Daft For Sure. And  I am relishing and basking in a throne of delight, as when I occupied this position she never understood the hellish stress I endured trying to beat the defective military machine which bared me from accomplishing menial services staff of herself requested.

h, so it isn’t as easy as one thought to work with the Military and The Company. My shoes do not reek as much with failures and annoyance do they? Are you very uncomfortable wearing them?

More news.

I was asked to come back and work for these bandits.

Insane indeed! Not me of course. Never me. No, no.

The work structure was better prior to my departure as I was only doing my job, now they have decided to pay someone less – because the shriveled hot dogs in Dubai need cost saving measures in order to receive huge bonuses and maintain slave labor costs. In addition, living in a villa cost free is a dream and no unknown disposable employee should hinder it in any way. Hey, if it’s the only way a small invisible man can get an erection, who are we to judge?

Noooo, don’t judge.

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